Sunday, March 27, 2005

day one...a few hours later

Ok its baby steps...I know it doesn't seem like much but when I went for the orange juice carton at 6.30 this morning, I realised I could start. I could start drinking water more. This would not only be better for the world (cutting out packaging) but also be better for me (cutting out the sugar, additives, preservatives etc.).

Coffee is a bit of a sore point though. There have been times I couldn't live without it but did manage to wean myself onto herbal teas. They were a terrible disappointment at first - the aroma promised more than the taste fulfilled. Like many things we eat or drink they are an acquired taste, they grow on you - with persistence you can find the subtle flavours that the aroma promises. And how that aroma fills the room when you brew up!

Of course with tea you never get 'coffee breath', or the 'coffee comedown' and there is, what could be the most amazing benefit of tea (especially green tea) - its cancer preventing/blocking properties (see link below). What more could you want from your beverage, apart from it being Fairtrade, which is how I like my tea or coffee!

August 2003 Green Tea 'can block cancer'

March 2005 Cancer hope for green tea extract


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