Friday, March 30, 2007

Ice Cream Lunch

Tony loves Ice-cream, so a trip to Haagen Daz (a restaurant which had menus of just ice-cream) seemed the perfect treat for his 'graduation' long as he planned it all out from transport to cost. If he didn't get us there and have the right amount of money it meant no ice-cream for anyone.

This is how Tony planned the expedition...

Step 1:Googled Haagen Daz & found website.

Step 2: Checked out Haagen Daz UK website for nearest Ice-cream restaurant in London.

Step 2: Used Transport for London to find the best way from Poplar to the Haagen Daz...a number 15 to Charing Cross and a short walk to Leicester Square.

Step 3:Found the Leicester Square on Multimap and printed the route from Charing Cross out.

Step 4: Worked out how many people needed to get tickets to travel and the cost per person per ice-cream and some left over for 'just in case'

Step 5: Worked out when we should meet and how long the trip should take.

Step 6: Bought tickets & got 15 bus...playing 'spot the place of interest' on the way there and giving us interesting facts (most of the time)...Watney Market, London Hospital, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, The Millennium Bridge, Fleet Street, The Savoy Hotel, Trafalgar Square...

Step 7: Told us all where to get off bus and led us as he followed map to Leicester Square & Haagen Daz

Step 8: Checked out the menu & ordered some 'samples'

Step 9: Decided on the ice cream concoction to order (and within budget)

Step 10:Ordered ice-cream and ate ice cream

Step 11: Asked for the bill

Step 12: Worked out how much the tip should be and paid bill.

Step 13: Paid bill, led us home and joined us in a game of "I went shopping and I bought"....which involved Craig buying an Empire and all that comes of such an event.

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