Friday, August 03, 2007

T Shirt Designs

Over the two weeks Sarah, Josh L, Josh S, Sue, Thomas and Dean worked on designs for Tshirts to take to Kenya. People tried to use relevant themes like Thomas' one to the right where he used icons of peace and the word peace in Swahilli, one of the native languages of Kenya.

To the left Sarah's design shows some of the native animals of Africa and their names in Swahilli....tembo = elephant, kima = monkey & kiboko = hippo and remember from Lion King simba = lion...Hakuna Matata is swahilli too for no worries/problems and Jambo is Hi!

Everyone applied their designs to the T Shirts with fabric pens and ironed them on the reverse to set them...check them out below.

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At 26/9/07 8:32 pm, Blogger lynchpin said...

hi roz it david here peace man lol.started doin my blog again but it keep freezing at at a certain place were i need to sure i just used it to much itll probably be fine 2moro.and aswell remember the way it took for ages to load on the works fin on the laptop so im sorted.i got new pics nd mr posts.i was wondering could u memtion me somewere nd put a link cuase no find my blog nd id like so ppl so share the fun.

say hi to tom and jane new blog address is rslynchpin.blogspot.

At 26/9/07 8:33 pm, Blogger lynchpin said...

oh ya i tink it is anyway

At 27/9/07 8:21 pm, Blogger lynchpin said...

omg i tried it again to day and i still cant do it.wen i go into custimize it comes up all the stuff i had before i changed some stuff.i also changed names but they come up as the names they were like a few days ago and aswell i cant delete anything its say can not delete. would love a reply soon to help me(P.S wen i go in to the blog it comes up as wen i changed every thing so thats ok its just wen i go into custimze is the problem)

from DAVID

At 31/10/07 4:53 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I like the heart/earth one a lot.


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