Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Camera

This is a trial picture taken with my new camera...

I have been used to having a camera somewhere about my person for the past few years, whether it has been to record events like weddings or the art work taken home by young people from club. Since a walk in the Chilterns some weeks ago, I have been without a camera and for this time have felt bereft.

Below is a list of the pictures I did not take:

The discovery of the first red chilli grown in the club garden
The young people making their own trees from autumn leaves
Strange creatures at the Departure Lounge
Magnetic sentences made from magnetic words
A barbeque smoke filled room
A bag of apples that broke a year long silence
Wooden car and plane construction
A cafe made from a real life train carriage
A Peace Flan
Learning how to DJ & MC
The marathon Risk game that Thomas lost
The two boys excitedly putting up the french words for colours on the wall
The olympic medals made and worn by Junior Club

And many more pictures which have been simply dismissed by my mind and have not been stored in my memory as effectively as at the click of the button of a camera.


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