Thursday, April 02, 2009

G20 Peaceful Protests April 1st & 2nd

11am on April 1st...

Protesters gathered outside the American Embassy in Grovesnor Square... march to Trafalgar Square

...for Peace, Love and Freedom and to show we care...

You can't really say 'I Love You' with a nuke!

When you have read the hand written sign read the guy's T Shirt behind it!

Yes we can all live in Love , Peace and Freedom...

...just have to work at it a bit - its not rocket science. Einstein said he wasn't smarter than the rest - he just stayed with the problem longer - we just have to do the same 84 year old Tony Benn speaking once more in Trafalgar Square!

April 2nd at the Excel Centre Protests were just as peaceful.

The flags indicate the tone of the event
(but maybe they are just for hiding the long sticks to be used later as weapons)

This monk came to both protests
(but maybe the stick could be used as a weapon)

And this guy - well you never know -
under that chilled out and peace-lovin exterior
he could really be a not very chilled out and peace-lovin kind of guy

This was a very tense moment at the G20 Protests at Excel...'would the Police Officer get to finish his Haribo in peace?' was the question on everyone's minds...the other police officers were there to make sure he did!

The only dangers at this protest were of people looking too cool...

or of splinters from banner poles...

or skin rashes and alergies from non-hypoalerginic paints...

...or of course heatstroke but thank goodness for the English Spring Weather!

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