Thursday, April 08, 2010

Things I can do on my iTouch...

These are some of the things I have used my iTouch for:
  • Used the converter to change Celsius to Fahrenheit for cooking
  • Found my way with maps, guides & Dutch language apps on a visit to Amsterdam
  • Used the calculator for club finances, currencies & maths support
  • Read A Christmas Carol at Christmas
  • Practiced my Italian for Italian Club
  • Used games to entertain a young person on journey and me when I can't sleep
  • Learned British Sign Language alphabet and greetings
  • Listened to music, podcasts and lectures
  • Used maps, guides and Hindi language apps for a residential to India
  • Got the words of Christmas carols for when collecting for the Salvation Army at Christmas
  • Watched Ted Talks and other videos about worldwide innovations
  • Showed the photo library of my travels to people
  • Used the internet for email, research and fun
  • Learned some origami to try out at club
  • Found my way with the tube map
Now I'm...
  • Practicing my French for my trip to Marrakech in June & Junior French Club
  • Watching videos to learn Sign Language and Ashtanga Yoga
  • Reading The Idiot (one of 101 Classic Novels)
And as I can't sleep - I plan to play a game...

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