Thursday, December 23, 2010


Random Acts of Interest & Niceness

Like rain - you never know when it could happen or what can grow from it or when it will create a rainbow or make you feel like a 4 year old in your wellies splashing in the puddles!

This all came about because Sue saw balloon animals on the hand rails of an underground trains and showed Tara, Thomas and me. ...This was a reminder of Anne Herberts advice to:

Practice random kindness and acts of senseless beauty

So we left on the DLR train seat - a clementine, candy cane, chocolates and a christmas card saying:

To whom it may concern - Happy Christmas...

We have done other such things in the past like giving out smiley faces, playing playground games outside Hackney Town hall at night and taking a large inflatable banana on a student march on Parliament Square...we plan on doing more...

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