Wednesday, September 07, 2011


When I'm tired or stressed or just not on the ball I can mix up words or phrases. The following are my recent abberations:

  • On the phone I asked Tom if it was 'crying' where he was or if it was dry! (raining was the appropriate word)
  • I talk about an 11 month old 'googling' rather than gurgling (putting the goo-goo with gurgle - the person who I told was initially quite impressed with the dexterity and literacy of this baby) 
  • And rather than say 'I can't multi-task', I said 'I can't monkey-dance' (sounds and seems very much alike)

Even if it is a sign of 'issues' to come in my future, its quite interesting to see the world in terms of crying weather, googling babies and monkey-dancing...

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