Monday, March 28, 2005

Pizza time

Pizzas - they are great, especially in Italy but others can leave a lot to be desired. Daughter, tonight, planned to cook pizza and pasta for us but due to embroilment in conversation overcooked both...the pizza to a point way past carcinogenic. I wanted to preserve it - give it a coating of varnish and put a clock movement in it and hang it on the wall, she wasn't amused. I went out and bought a pizza, because she had her friend coming round and had promised her food. Daughter mentioned pepperoni so I got it, two for one, even though I don’t like pepperoni...I thought I'd pick the bits off.

Now where is the moral of the story? What way could we make the world a better place with pizza?

Firstly - shop bought pizza, though inexpensive and convenient can have too much packaging, preservatives etc. and can taste disgusting whereas take-away pizza can be expensive, convenient, still have too much packaging and can still taste disgusting. The answer isn't so convenient...but is usually tastier...make your own.

There are all kinds of alternatives from the 'quickie' which only involves spreading a little passata or tomato puree (or both) onto some bread or pitta, a few thin slices of whatever, some grated cheese and stick it under the grill. Or you can make your own dough, adding whatever you want...and you can put pepperoni (if you have to eat it) in a separate area so that I don’t have to pick it off and end up only eating the crusts because I can still taste pepperoni.

Make the world a better place. Make your own pizza.

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