Saturday, April 01, 2006

Is This Really London?

This week...

"You can be my witness", says the man with the black and white dog, pointing upward toward a maisonette balcony with another man who has a toy black and white dog hanging on a rope from his hand.

A woman asks for help housing a desperate refugee family.

Police & sniffer dogs greet me at Farringdon underground station.

An heavily overweight man begins doing pressups in the sauna. He stops at two.

A man is verbally aggressive to some people ahead of me, I steel myself for the onslaught. He says, "You're lookin' good, so I'll leave you alone." and passes by.

Why don't we look after our mentally ill or desperate?
Why are we obese or agressive?
What are the police doing about these people? Maybe the sniffer dogs can help.

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