Sunday, July 09, 2006

Black Socks 'n Birkenstocks

This image is a visual representation of my weekend...possibly even my life (sad I know but at least I'm not the one wearing the black socks n' Birkenstocks).

The photo, to me, has the ideals of doing a table top sale and games to make money to do some work in Africa next year with some young people and the promise of sharing and caring of the Rise festival celebrating diversity.

But it is a bit of a contradiction like Birkenstocks...nice, earthy and possibly what hippies like me would wear if we could afford them...and I won't even go into the whole 'sandals and socks' debate...and black socks?

Its all starting out by trying to do something for the environment, the world etc and then we spend money on stuff we don't need, end up selling to other people who don't need it, albeit for a good cause then we go to a festival to celebrate diversity while calling itself Rise the small print says 'against racism' we are as the Tshirt says 'intolerant to intolerance' all gets a bit hazy...out of the photo.

I know I want a better world.
I know I want to be tolerant.
I know I want to work to do both.
But if I keep getting stuck on issues like black socks n' Birkenstocks...I'm not sure I'm gonna achieve a whole lot.


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