Sunday, April 01, 2007

Star Spotting on Primrose Hill

Today we were sent on an mission by Tom's workmates to Primrose Hill to star spot. I initially thought this was to be a night-time venture and the stars were to be in the sky but was mistaken.

So off we went with camera in hand ready to be paparazzi. We were no sooner there when Tom pointed out Madonna. I looked where he pointed and clicked the camera but she didn't look anything like Madonna. Then he turned and said, there's Jude Law and he clicked again. Where, I asked. No, he said. Not really he said, he just wanted pictures to show his workmates and would pretend that the people in them were famous. Great, I said, I hadn't realised he was joking...(even though it was April 1st) but the joke was on him because as his 'Jude Law' passed us Tom realised that he was in fact famous...we had found a star after all...David Walliams from Little Britain! Here's a picture I took of him from Primrose Hill! (Also did 10KM for YAP!)

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