Saturday, December 01, 2007

World Aids Day 1

Today at 2am, I came across one of our locals who was dazed and confused and bleeding profusely from his head, having had his "head kicked in" as he said. I bandaged his head, trying to keep the plaster on my cut thumb from slipping and listened as he told me why he didn't want and ambulance - they would involve the police and he couldn't tell who had beaten him up and he was worried about not being able to get his methadone in the morning. He was convinced otherwise and as he talked of wanting to return to his homeland Ireland and going straight and as the police asked him questions and the ambulance finally arrived and took him away I wondered what was to become of him.

Could he ever be able to deal with his addictions?
Would he ever get back to Ireland?
How was he going to survive?
Would the drugs or violence or neglect or disease kill him?

Before I had realised that he had been hurt I asked him if he wanted some food...he said no thanks that I had already given him some.....that had been nearly two weeks before.

Hand woven Kenyan Aids badge

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At 6/2/08 3:39 am, Blogger patsy o'brien said...

HI roz

Thanks for dropping the line. I want to pass this on:

since the elections in Kenya, most volunteer/charity organisations have pulled their volunteers, and thus the fundraising has taken a nosedive.The orphanages are in a state of panic.

I have a direct link to one orphanage in Nairobi where i can wire money via western union.

50 pounds sterling, and i have a hunch you already knw this (i didn't) supplies 3 months of the basic food (ugol?) nececesary for basic sustenance, and it goes directly to Mary at the orphanage.

I hope that info is useful, and if you or anyone would like to donate, just drop me a line anytime at
patsysongs - at -

I'll work on the non-fuzzy pic of "herself"

all the best and hi to Jane ( oh, and tom)


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