Monday, March 17, 2008

St Patrick's Day 2008

St Patrick's day this year meant some of the usual and some of the less usual.

  • Wearing green
  • Wearing the shamrock.
  • St Patrick's day cards
  • Guiness shamrock hats in the market
  • Patrick playing Molly Malone on the Piano

But the hi-light of St Patricks day for me was when one 14 year old left the St Patrick's day festivities at the local pub to come to club. As he entered he gave me his Guinness hat (some symbolism there?).

He spent two hours at club rather than at the pub. He spent two hours being a young person rather than trying to act older than he felt. He spent two hours working with others, playing games and being creative and doing silly things like going on an easter egg hunt and a bunny tail/cotton ball race and he left with a bag (which he designed himself) full of goodies and a smile on his was a Happy St Patrick's Day.

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