Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Donde esta el Cacto?

I'm paying my mother a surprise visit this half term...so have been learning Spanish.

¿Dónde está el cacto?
Where is the cactus?

El cacto está aqui!
The cactus is here!

PS. Don't tell my mum or it will ruin the surprise!

We got a Christmas Cactus donated to club this Christmas past and its only now that it has flowered...don't know if it was late or was rescued by us or what...all I know is that things that would normally die in a normal house (like ours - we have only managed to raise a child - pets and plants are beyond us) seem to survive in club.

The cactus reminds me of my mother - not cos she is prickly but cos she used to keep a lot of cacti (which is why she may be surprised to find a cactus on her coffin rather than flowers in the future...btw she is not dead, in case I give that impression as I probably would not be visiting her if she was). And this cactus reminds me particularly of her because she is like it ...needing heat in winter to survive & bloom...so she finds the sunnier climes of Southern Spain her home for the winter months...and if it wasn't for that I wouldn't be heading out there for a few days or learning how to converse in Spanish on such important issues as cacti.

If u want to learn Spanish or lots of other languages Michael Thomas is the man for u. In his CD or MP3 He doesn't make u repeat like a parrot or have expectations of you as a learner. He is responsible for teaching you and does so by introducing firstly all the words that are the same in both languages and then simply introduces new words (with little tricks like mnemonics) and builds sentences logically to the point where you find you know a hell of a lot of the language without even trying- Did u know it was found in a study that the New York Times only uses600 different words...not a lot to learn to read a newspaper in a language!

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