Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunrise on the Longest Day of the Year

So the journey started at 1.30am when I cycled to the Brick Lane Bagel shop and met up with 20+ other cyclists and stocked up on bagels. We cycled to London Bridge to pick up those coming from Greenwich and then to Soho to pick up even more. Our destination Primrose watch the sun come up on the longest day of the year (although I am reliably informed by Christine that it had been the previous day as it is a leap year!)

Throughout people waved at us, beeped, shouted in support and a few drew alongside in a taxi, decked out in formal wear and military regalia at 3am and asked us most politely what it was all about...and when they heard they replied with remarks and salutes including the words 'jolly', 'bravo' and 'ta-tah' you do.

Hundreds of us made it to Primrose Hill to join people already there looking out at the sweeping view of London at dawn.

Although I have no picture to show this event. The picture which will be forever in my head will not actually be of the sunrise but of circling around Regent's park and the twinkling of the red rear lights of hundreds of bikes weaving up the hill and through the trees like little fire flies.


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