Tuesday, January 11, 2011

X ray

The times I have thought about x rays...

Reading Alphabet books as a child
Looking for a word beginning with X other than xylophone (which I could spell)
Reading comics like Beezer that had the story of Ed Case and the Numskulls
Reading ads for practical jokes like invisible ink, whoopee cushions and X ray specs
Watching Superman show off his X ray powers
When I tore a ligament in my ankle weeks before going to live in Italy when I was 17
Every decade after when I twisted the same ankle
Reading Alphabet books to my daughter Jane
When Jane played with her xylophone
Every time I hear someone has broken a bone
When I think of ice skating
Playing Scrabble
Today when I sat in a cubicle wondering if I would work out how to put my
hospital gown
on in time for the knock on the door...

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