Friday, November 11, 2011

Poppies, Peace & Poplar

This week we talked about bonfire night and firework displays. We made chocolate covered apples with sprinkles. We talked about the statue of an angel that stands in our local Poplar Park where 16 young children lost their lives in the first ever daylight air raid in 1917. We talked about the poppy being a symbol, even in Ancient Greece, of life, death and rebirth - able to lie dormant in the ground for years and burst into life like in Normandy. We talked about the different types and colours of poppies and the meanings in recent times of remberance, peace and 'never again'. We talked about how sad it is to lose people like a grand parent, mum or uncle. We made different colour poppies with hearts for petals to show our love for those we have lost. 

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