Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Update

I still have not caught up with my blogging. I am 22 days into 2012 and have much to talk about - from Christmas in Poplar to Tenerife in the New Year... and before and after...

Below are some of the subjects to come...

  • Children in Need activities
  • 3 Club Christmas Parties in 24 hours
  • Sammy the Squirrel
  • Tenerife's Christmas celebrations
  • Christmas Eve Eve @ Poplar peeling
  • Snow globes & jam jars
  • Jon's cards and travels
  • Thanksgiving
  • Chinese New Year & the art of chopsticks
  • Julian Barnne's Sense of an Ending
  • My different names for different people
  • Someone elses award
  • Patrick's walk and talk
  • Rice pudding for the world
  • Guitar hero smiles
  • Christmas Fayre
  • Christmas Movie Night
  • Christmas art & cooking
  • Deaf Club



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