Monday, April 03, 2006

Running Away

"Dragon boat paddling?" Magnolia asks me, "Why?"
"For fitness, exercise, enjoyment..." I reply.
She isn't convinced. I suppose I could do anything but why a dragon boat? Its good for the upper body and coupled with swimming it makes me less miserable that my injured ankle won't let me run for exercise and it makes me less guilty that I haven't climbed in over a year. Its out in sunshine, wind and rain, battling with up to 20 other people, friends and strangers, working together as a team in time to glide across the water. What's not to like?

Today a friend said she thought her husband ran to avoid the children.

They say exercise helps you cut down on stress, its reccommended for good physical and mental health. Is this also because we are avoiding the stressor while we are exercising. Is it geography as much as everything else?

We get the whole endorphin thing, as well as the physiological plusses and on top of that we are physically away from our stressors (and on top of that if out doors get the benefit of vitamin D from sunshine).

Is it like a micro-sleep, those 'power naps' you hear of which can recharge your batteries during the day? Like a mini-break, not a full blown holiday that can stress as much as it's enjoyable, but just a little piece of time to yourself to get away from it all.

Like most exercise I like, I find it is this ability to 'switch off' by focussing my physical and mental concentration fully on something else which attracts me.

So exercise is good...why don't I do it more?
I don't have time.
I'm too tired.
I can't be bothered.
I don't have the right gear.
It's raining.
It costs too much.
It's too much effort.
Theres a good programme on TV.

But its good. And it will make my world a better place...figuratively & geographically.

BBC Article: Little & Often
UK NHS Direct Online Health Encyclopaedia - Exercise

Now Free Health Care...there's a thing that makes the world a better place...and we're lucky to have it here in the UK...why don't people appreciate it?


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