Saturday, May 20, 2006


Today I spent the day at Epping Forest with a group of young people training for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Once we found which paths were on the map and which weren't it went well and apart from bumping into a couple of the young people's IT teacher, to their horror, and being asked if I was the parent of one of them, to my horror.
After the day in the forest I went to see Brick (a refreshing modern Film Noir with great directing and acting by a cast of young people without all the waste of resources of a high budget film, proving that nothing beats a good story, good acting and good directing) at the cinema.
And when I got home I read the free guide to the best walks in Britain that came with todays paper, to find some ideas for the assessment expedition with the Eurovision Song Contest in the background.
We had planned to go to Ashdown Forest for the end expedition & I found, in the free guide, a perfect walk for one of the days to Pooh Corner. Now just have to check whats left to do before the final expedition at the end of June (after they are finished their exams). Found some good info on Expeditions and a Training Checklist which will be useful.


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