Saturday, May 20, 2006

Walking on Custard

The text went like this...

R: Have u started Animal Farm?

T: Yes of course I have!

K: No he hasnt

R: If you have then what is Moses where does he think we go when we die?

T: We go to Oz dont we?

R: I dont no about u but I'm going to heaven n so is K cos she tells the truth

K: Im not cos I dont believe in heaven

R: Jus cos u don't believe in place doesn't mean u cant go there

The TV went like this:
Q. Could Jesus walk on custard? (question on QI)

A. Custard is a non-newtonian dilated fluid. This means in real life terms,
that if a swimming pool was full of the stuff, you could walk on it to cross to
the other side. Not only could Jesus but anyone could.

Jesus also came up in Lost this week...

Lost 'Quote of the Week':

Jesus wants to know what colour car you want.
Other Lostisms this week:

Who needs money when you got good looks?
I'm tired of sitting at the kids table.
Have a Cluckety Cluck day
Grab the rope
You think we got enough gnomes
Everything happens for a reason
Everything's gonna have to change

Last Lostisms


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