Sunday, May 07, 2006

Subtitles & Signs

This week was Deaf Awareness Week. According to the RNID the estimated number of people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in the UK is 9 million.

I realised this week that although doing activities at club like signing raise awareness for young people, subtitling, texting and the internet are major gateways for many Deaf young people access-wise. In a chat room everone that can type has an equal chance.

I've been on the sofa downstairs this past week because my sleeping pattern has been all over the place while I write assignments and cram for exams. I've been watching late night television with the sound down and subtitling on so I don't disturb anyone and so that I can drift off to sleep without the usual sudden blare of sound that comes with ad breaks. I've seen the names of the subtitlers at the end of programmes. It made me wonder if they need volunteers. I've thought before about volunteering to make recordings for the Blind. I'll look into it next week - after the last exam and I've handed my assignment in. And I may even in weeks to come work on the club website.


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