Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Goats n' Grid References

Finding symbols on a map, matching mountains to contours, identifying 100m in paces and giving a presentation on the countryside code wouldn't normally be my idea of a fun night in but five young people doing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award made it so...that and a forfeit for the losing team of planning the next session!

The competition was intense. All creative measures were employed to visually present the countryside code in tableux form...including mime, the using of club plants and saying it in German. Someone had to lose but they took it well and began planning then and there.

The night was rounded off by a discussion on training dates, tomorrow's election, their wearing of 'Unf**k the World' badges at school...(the defense was that it wasn't a 'real swear-word and it had a positive slogan) and a question on Ockham's razor.

This then, for me was rounded off with being told about a book called 'The Men who stare at Goats', a book on psychological staring goats to death...

And this was all just in the last couple of hours...


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