Saturday, April 29, 2006

Smiley Faces

Went to Trafalgar Square with a few friends and 45, 000 others to listen to music and promote peace and love armed with a lei, a rainbow peace flag and a few sheets of smiley face stickers.

People sang, danced in and on the fountains, pickniced on the steps, signed petitions, checked out the stalls with T-Shirt logos like 'Unf**k the World' and banners such as 'Killer Cola' and flipped 'racism' the bird.
We did all this and to the surprise and delight of others asked if they wanted 'smiley faces'...they did and they went in no time. Not only did they bring smiles to people faces but they may have even prevented a 'beef' in a group, thoughts of which dissapeared with the appearance of smiley faces!


At 9/6/06 2:26 pm, Blogger thomas said...


it was a great day.....the free ranged chicken


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