Friday, July 14, 2006


Scheduled outrage at 4:00PM.

(or at least thats what i thought it said along the top of the tool bar but it was actually 'outage' ...i prefer my version and I plan to schedule an outrage for 4pm today...join outraged...there are plenty of issues in the world to outrage us...just pick one)


At 14/7/06 1:25 pm, Anonymous sarah said...

oooo an outrage! sounds like fun! can i come? where is it? any costs?

At 14/7/06 2:07 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

me too!

At 14/7/06 3:37 pm, Blogger Roz said...

Its travel needed...just wherever u are at 4pm you have to say very matter who is there and what u are doing...'I am outraged!' ...and hopefully someone will ask u 'why?' and you can then enter into a dialogue with them on your chosen topic of outrage.

Watch out for more outrage in the future...any member of the Outrageous can call an outrage any time...(although there is a limit of three outrages a prevent getting in an outrage rut)

27 minutes to the first outrage...prepare your mind...

At 14/7/06 4:24 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

lol i missed the outrage :( i didnt look at your post until 20 past 4 oh wel i will catch the next one lol

At 15/7/06 9:47 pm, Blogger Tim said...

: )

At 16/7/06 11:00 pm, Blogger Gordon said...


Did you suffer outage yesterday in the carpark?


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