Saturday, March 10, 2007

Trees for Cities

Summer last year began our relationship with Trees for Cities. We started with some workshops and activities about, yes you've guessed it - trees. Then we went to a local park Alton Green and the young people made suggestions as to how the area could be developed and where they thought trees, shrubs and flowers should go in the area. More recently the young people voted for the trees and shrubs they liked best, made some decorations for the tree guards and today we planted them with about 150+ volunteers from the community and Trees for Cities.

It was a great day - I even got some sun...I suppose you will after 6 hours outdoors under blue skies even in March. We dug up the ground, planted shrubs and trees, mulched (technical term for throwing bits of wet bits of tree bark around the tree, shrub and flower beds to keep in moisture and stop weeds growing!) and decorated the tree guards with the flowers we made and even showed some other young people how to make them (including a Caitlin & Francis).

On the day there were all kind of other activities including face-painting, wood carving, mask painting, games and fire making and weaving (Emma made a chicken from reeds, as you do - it only took her an hour!).

It was lovely to see so many people from the community out today in the sunshine, working and playing together, enjoying the day and making the world a better place.

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At 11/3/07 9:05 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

Today was nice!

Weekend was nice!

At 12/3/07 2:33 am, Blogger Roz said...

Yes it was nice...niceness can be such an under-rated quality.


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