Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hi-lights of Half-Term

Monday: 12th February
1-3pm Drugs Awareness Intro
4.30pm Birthday Meal with Thomas
So it was Thomas' 16th Birthday ...or the week after his birthday but the first official 16th birthday cake he had! Bram, Rhonda, Kelly, Jim, Keeley, Emma, Craig, Josh and me were all delighted for the excuse to go to Wings Chinese Buffet.

These guys are not they won't even make eating into a competition...they would never get to the stage where proving yourself meant either a plate of cucumer or a plate of prawn crackers after 7 previos plates at an all-you-can-eat-buffet!

Jim strikes a pose between courses!

Tuesday: 13th

EEE Jack the Ripper Walk

Guided Jack the Ripper the rain and dark...but it didn't dampen spirits...made from Tower Hill to Spitalfields market...alive!

In an otherwise empty Spitalfields Market came across this group of people practising all kinds of juggling acts and feats of manual dexterity (generally throwing things about in an entertaining and skillful fashion)

And went to the 24 hour Bagel Shop in Brick Lane after...for, yes you guessed it, bagels!

Wednesday & Thursday: 14th & 15th

Fundraising Days

Friday: 16th

First 5Km for YAP

Saturday: 19th

Kevin's 40th Birthday Party

Three Hippies waiting for the 15 bus to take us to William Booth Training College for Kevin's Birthday Party. His present was: Peace, Love, Harmony and a melon with a large pink bow!

The aforementioned Peace, Love, Harmony and melon with a large pink bow.

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At 19/2/07 10:31 am, Blogger Thomas said...

Good half-term!

We all know I would've beat Josh!


At 20/2/07 12:04 am, Blogger Roz Lynch said...

U had unofficially u did


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