Friday, January 26, 2007

Do Something Amazing Give Blood

If I was someone who said things like 'I'm so proud of you' I would have said it of Craig, Jim & Keeley today...because they gave blood for the first time...but I'm not someone who says things like that so I didn't but I would have if I was...And I told them that if I was someone who did I would!

The National Blood Service advertises...

Do Something Amazing Give Blood

They did something amazing and gave their blood and could at this very moment be saving someone's life. They didn't have to study to be able to do it, or get a qualification, or spend years in an apprenticeship or even need any experience... All they had to have was a free afternoon and blood that was healthy and at least 17 years old.

Next time come with us...we will be going 3 times a one will be at the end of May...

If you want any info about the wheres, whats, whos, whens, whys and hows check out the National Blood Service site.

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