Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Zombie Back from Beyond

Its not often you get a phone call beginning with the words...'theres a video of man landing on the moon' only took me 5 minutes or more to work out it was referring to my Christmas List and only after it was explained to me (I had even noted it down on a blue post-it landing on moon...expecting the relevance would be revealed to me and it would all make sense and I would need to have noted it down, after all it was the DYO speaking to me....saying that perhaps if it had been any other DYO besides Tim Miller)

So onto the point - my Christmas Wish List should have included - Good Health because apart from New Years Day (a false reprieve) I have been in various states of Zombie from having hallucinations to coughing my guts up to veering between hysterical laughter and tears...but I am back...just a slight cough and sore throat to get rid of and I will have shed by Zombie-like state, which has been in various stages upon me 1 calendar month - I should have put Good Health on my list...btw next week I will be reviewing Cough & Cold Remedies of 2007 and be making my reccomendations for the Cure of the Century...I know - you can't wait.

Until then....Whats on @ Club ....some dates for your diary
  • Thursday 11th @ 7pm-830 First Aid Awareness for young people - come early for tea, coffee, chat & cheesecake from 6.15...& if you have a Sociology Coursework Essay to do come even earlier!
  • Monday 15th - know whats happening...we're off to see the Wizard...the woderful Wizard of Oz!
  • Tuesday 16th - Safe & Sound training @ 7pm
  • Wednesday 17th Trees 4 Cities @ Alton Green 2-4 (Special dream Catcher to find out how you'd like area transformed) & Lansbury Centre 4.30-7.30 (Evening of fun, art, activities & refreshments)
  • Thursday 18th Senior Club 7.30 - Remember the last Thursday of the Month will have a different flavour - your choice as to which - just not vanilla, cheesecake yes
  • Friday 19th Complex Needs Group re-starts
  • Monday 22nd Intermediates 7pm
  • Wednesday 24th Junior Club 6pm
  • Friday 26th Blood Donor Groupies head for the hills...or Canary Wharf - so all you 17+ people out there come and join us - you know you want to - and we will give you lots of TLC and even cheesecake if required...and who knows you might even save a life - not bad for people who aren't even doctors.
  • Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th First Aid Young Persons' Peer Trainer Residential
  • Saturday 10th (February) Trees for Cities - Tree Planting Event...lets plant some trees...and bushes...and flowers and oh go Dancing in Daffodils
  • Monday 12th - 16th Half Term (breathe out again)
Throughout the coming months the Mosaic Project - still need to hammer off the remaining inner tiles, grout the outer half and make up the new pressure

The Mural 3Dness needs a shell-to-net gluer, a butterfly-n-bug attacher & a shark-detailer to get it finally finished...any 3D people out there? (btw you all are unless you are cartoons like the Simpsons!)

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