Saturday, November 18, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 7

This week was: Children in Need

And this week we... made all things bear-like including...
  • bear wordsearches & pics
  • bear biscuits
  • bear bird feeders
  • bear/Children in Need posters
  • bear evaluation - pass the bear - only person holding the Pooh (that is the Winnie variety) can speak.

Junior club made a 'Make a Wish' Calendar to sell for Childen in Need & had some competitions at 10p each to enter. Last year we knitted teddy bear scarves & hats to sell bear friends and the year before young people sold tickets to a Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Other Stuff:

  • We won't mention Tuesday night - we have said enough on the matter...lets think of canapes instead.
  • Josh S met the challenge of introducing a new game/aspect to club activities by starting the Table Tennis Doubles craze...the reason he says - it gets more people playing at a time, more team work and people who aren't that good can partner with better players and get to win for a change!
  • Katie is leading the way for the Christmas CD...sadly "I'm a Little Christmas Teapot" did not make the cut...more traditional carols were chosen but will be sung while doing teapot actions to give the 'teapot atmosphere' can take a little bit of that atmosphere home with you this Christmas and share it with people you love...oh the wonder of it all.
  • Cathedral & Phase 10 encountered conflict this week and Nick represented the UN in the war games...and felt the pressure...but nobody is competitive...and winning isn't everything...there were no injuries...only to pride and/or egos...and Nick came out of it unscathed.
  • George Greenies Pool skills are improving since the beginning of the term...pool cues are being used one at a time, being held less often like pencils or javelins, balls are being hit, correct colours are being hit and being potted and without potting the white as well...the young people are taking turns and not moving the balls out of the way as much as they used to and are letting their opponents take two shots when they foul...the white ball doesn't leave the table as often and when it does it is placed more often where it should be rather than where they want it to be...I never knew there was so much to pool...and that's not even going into the whole maths/angle area...
  • Also got a new volunteer for Fridays...YAY!!!! Name to be revealed in future posts...just a little hint for now - male hatted young person - I know I said too much.
  • Oh and also it rained this you say...well the builders are fixing the guttering on the roof and on Friday evening...instead of the usual drips in the IT room (i am not referring to people) we had a good old waterfall there and all along the front face of the club...the plants were watered, as were the paper flowers on the wall, the chairs and the carpet...I had buckets, pans, drip trays, tea towels, bins, newspaper out to catch the flow and it seemed to work...not as well obviously as guttering would - that would try to keep the water out of the building I suppose...i just thought having the builders would mean less flooding not more...I expect i should just watch the weather forcast and plan accordingly.

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