Sunday, October 29, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 5

This week was:

  • Kick it out of Sport
  • Make a Difference Day 29th
  • Black History Month
  • Wear it Pink Day 27th
  • Feed the Birds Day 28th
  • British Summertime Ends
  • Fairtrade Month

And this week we...

  • made Jon a Birthday card designed again by Georgie...she is making a habit of this...this time its a cool guitar motif
  • made weird artybird feeders from cheap multicoloured cereal & string...which was eaten by some birds and one family dog.
  • had an Autumn Fete planned in a week by the young people...not advertised in case it had to be cancelled because of rain but which was great fun for us all....with Tombola, henna painting, badgemaking, penalty shoot outs, fish-the-fish, jumble stall, pick-a-lolly-win-a-lolly, guess the weight, balloon modelling, cake stall and children's play area & chalk-art on the ground....oh and made 152.85...and all done by Craig (The Terror of the tombola), Thomas (the Tank Engine), Keeley (the person one refers to when aliens say to u 'take me to ur leader'), Sarah (split personality ...poster-person & lolly-lady), Josh S (Golden Goalie) with help from Thomas' cousin (who's name I have forgotten but others may remember his part in the club mural), Kelly, Georgie, Kirsty, Josh L (the walking human placard), Emma (the badger), Alan (of the 'Lunch is for Wimps' fame), Sue (the seller of snow to the Inuit) and Diane who made great cookies and junior club & Jim who made rice crispy cakes and scrambled eggs and junior club aided by Christine & Sarah made bunting...bunting is that triangular flag stuff u see at village fetes...bunting...u know u can't stop saying the word- its addictive - u want to have a fete just to make some so u can say 'Oh what lovely bunting' true
  • Did some Wear it Pink Puzzles
  • heard Jermaine say he had 6 acts for the Talent Show - to be continued...we hope
  • continued Pool & Table Tennis Tournaments...with Ricky crowned The Table-Tennis Tournee Tycoon and John crowned Platinum Pool Player of the People ...and all the winners win pie & mash in the local diners!

  • saw Akiba & Draughts make a is amazing how the placing of a game on a table...sometimes the most unlikely of like a flower to a honey bee...there are grudge matches next club and promises to take on the draughts...the wonder of it all...what will be next...tiddlywinks?
  • had to put the lights on more but at the same time found some bulbs are starting to emerge from recent planting
  • did Olympic Flags, which in record time were planned, designed and made over two evenings with artists Cara & Anne to be part of, Bridging The Lea on Tuesday 14th November 06.....A visual spectacular of virtual bridges created by local people and world-renowned artists. Come and see the Lea as you have never seen it before! Three Mills, E3 Tues 14th Nov 7pm.

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At 4/11/06 1:19 am, Blogger Thomas said...

I looked in my wallet yesterday and had a tenner more that I thought which made me really exited and treat myself to a take away!

Then reading this post made me remember that Diane also donated a tenner on Sunday which I kept in my wallet!

So its £162.........YAY!!


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