Sunday, October 08, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 2

The month of October is:

  • Fairtrade Month
  • Black History Month
  • International Walk to School Month

This week was:

  • Learning to Sign Week
  • World Space Week
  • British Food Fortnight
  • Oct 6th Jeans for Genes Day

And this week we...

  • did some signing...names & ordering from the tuck shop
  • designed a life size pair of jeans from card and all 3 clubs decorated denim patches to make a combined collage (pictures to follow)
  • continued to layer the papier mache shark & fish (for the 3D mural) far at least a dozen people have been involved in the creation
  • made cookies from a recipe discussing the similarities to how genes are part of the recipe for a human & how genetic disorders are when the recipe goes wrong.
  • for after session evaluation used a 'What planet were u on tonight?' sheet where people decorated and named their planets, decided on the planet's atmosphere and inhabitants and hilighted any stars of the night.
  • planted some wild flowers
  • had a great junior club run by Craig and with a great Black History game...where in a circle of chairs a person in the middle calls out a famous black person's name and the first to say what they are famous for goes in the middle and does the was fun
  • had a group sign up for Keeley's Drama Workshop and Jon's Chrismas CD.
  • turned into Maureen's Pie & Mash shop for one night...all we needed was 27 pies, a basin of mash, two pints of liquor, a half pint of grave...and only forgot the vinegar for Jim and the pepper for Keeley...tho Craig & Vicky rectified that matter.
  • had more young people sign up to get more fairtrade products in the tuck shop
  • had George Green complex needs group start again with some new faces
  • took a bus tour round London on Saturday...saw and learned lots

  • had another YAP meeting chaired by Keeley...hearing the research done by the group and making decisions as to the aims of the project.

Puzzle of the Week:

How do u get ur right hand in your front left pocket of your jeans while having your left hand in your right front pocket of your jeans without crossing your arms or putting them behind your back.

Hi-lights of the Week:

  • One of the Juniors, a boy who in the past had not been so friendly, sweetly popping his head in the kitchen door to say goodbye to me.
  • One young man, in a wheelchair, learning to control his motor skills to be able to flick a Karrom piece in a game for the first time, encouraged by a classmate, to the point where he wins a piece and on my comment that I hadn't won any pieces yet, offered me his.


At 16/10/06 7:14 pm, Blogger Wendy said...

Your blog is looking really impressive. I've just about worked out how to include a picture in a posting! Club looks good too - hope all is going well. Looking forward to catching up with you all on Tuesday.


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