Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stand Up

@ Brick Lane on Sunday the 15th of October @ 1pm

A global month of action began with Drumming for Trade Justice on the 14th of September and is closing with a global attempt to set an official Guinness World Record for the biggest number of people ever to STAND UP against poverty.


At 6/10/06 6:01 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Here is a sincere question for you. What good will this do?

I attended the Make Poverty History rally and, with the exception of getting to see Nelson Mandella in person, I didn’t really leave that rally with any deeper beliefs or any deeper commitments than I already had. And, as I stood there listening to people talk about fair trade, I couldn’t help but look around at all the people wearing Nike’s and Levi’s.

Furthermore, I watched (approximately) 17 hours of Live 8 last summer. And, with the exception of Maria Carrie and Snoop Dog’s performance, loved every minute of it. But, in the end, the message seemed to be, “thanks for helping poverty by watching this concert.”

I’m just wondering, what is the purpose of these rally’s? Nobody ever seems to give us a plan of action outside of possibly writing a politician over it. We’re never challenged to make any specific changes to our lives or spending habits. We’re just whipped into a frenzy (at best) and sent home with some (in my opinion) meaningless feeling of accomplishment.

Please don’t misinterpret this. I’m not suggestion that we do nothing. I’m sincerely asking what these rally’s mean to accomplish and wondering if maybe they need to think them through a bit more. I mean, what will it actually mean to “stand up against poverty”?

At 7/10/06 12:18 am, Blogger Thomas said...

The rallies are there so the government will listen to us. But Tim is right, what do they actually do!

Im all up for going on marches and protests but its about time that everyone forgot about the government and took the situation into there own hands, seeing as our "leaders" won't listen to us!

At 13/10/06 1:08 am, Blogger Roz said...

Sorry I will reply to the comments because I agree with both of you in some senses and in others don't...but the reply will take a bit longer than I've got right now


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