Monday, October 02, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 1

This week was our first week back at club this acadeamic year.

This week I liked...
  • Welcoming young people and workers back and catching up with them after the summer
  • Seeing the multicoloured flowers on the wall with the hopes for the coming year at their centres (Flowers of Hope or Flower Hopes or Hope Flowers?)
  • Learning 'Hello' in various languages and decorating the Hellos and putting them on the wall forEuropean Language Day
  • The continuation from summer of the papier- mache Shark for the 3D part of the mural taking shape while conversation flowed
  • Young people cooking Muffin Pizzas and everyone enjoying their efforts
  • Table tennis round-the-table still having its draw as a game to have bigger numbers playing
  • Watching a new worker find his feet as a past club member who has chosen his old club for his youthwork course placement.
  • Hearing about another worker's excitement about the beginning of her youth work course
  • Talking about possible options for our Youth Africa Project and making plans
  • Playing pool with people who don't normally play pool and watching them improve.
  • Planting autumn bulbs
  • Singing and dancing with Singstar
  • Discovering some club Runescape players and talking about the possibilities of playing the game as a pacifist
  • Finding club members when given the choice are keen to have more healthy and fairtrade options added to the tuck shop.
  • Swopping ideas with the DYO and making plans for the Youth Council
  • Working with young people working with young people - great cycle.

And every week I love...

... working with people who want to be here: its voluntary - for young people and workers - its not like school or a job, nobody has to be here or is paid to be here, they all come because they want to.

And if you want the theory check out Young People, Informal Education & Association


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