Wednesday, August 30, 2006

PZ Club Note 1

To everyone who made this year a great one at The Paradise Zone Youth Centre...during the year and the summer scheme a great big...

...that includes adult volunteers and young people and young volunteers and whether a Cadet or a Timothy or on placement or part of the Corps or a member of the community...or someone like Josh who chose (some might say, bizarrely) to spend his 16th birthday volunteering at summer club...without you...I'd be sitting on my own in club knitting toilet roll covers watching the cob webs grow on the dying plants (cos no one would have watered them)... so ...


The club year is over so I'm off to Ireland...cos my mum told me to come home and see her...I think I am in trouble...I think my mum thinks I have been naughty in staying away too long (although she would say 'bold' rather than 'naughty' cos thats how we talk in Cork).

Anyway before I go I thought I'd give out some DFYD (that's short for Dates For Your Diary)...

Week beginning...

Sept 4th - Roz & Emma off...yay!!!!!

Wendy & Laura to start discussion TBA

Sept 11th - Programme Plan & Prep week...would love any input/help...

Summer report to funders by any more comments on summer clubs let us know.

Sept 17th - Meeting up with the team week

During the week is time to meet up with Emma and me to talk about U & club...any issues or ideas u have, or needs u have for the coming year....please contact one of us to book a time.

Training: This week is also available for induction and other training ie. IT room etc...or even how to play the playstation games...please contact to book times.

Team meeting on Wednesday 2oth @ 7pm - Agenda...

  • nibbles
  • meeting new members of the team
  • catching up with others if u can remember who they are
  • more nibbles and perhaps a cool refreshing drink
  • going through the programme
  • perhaps some fun games/activities run by some of our young volunteer
  • workers choosing evaluations/reflections to lead
  • workers choosing activities/sessions to lead
  • more nibble unless they have run out, in which case I will chastise myself and make a mental note not to be so stingey with the nibbles next time.


  • Please bring diary (or back of hand will do if u are not allergic to ink & don't plan on washing)
  • Please bring any copies of updated paperwork ie. first aid certs/crbs/minibus cert etc.
  • Please bring any changes to personal details ie. contact details/medical details

PS. Please remember to bring or do anything I have forgotten to say that you should bring or do...and if u could leave a comment so that others may be reminded I would be extremely grateful and will provide the nibbles of your choice on the night.

And just in case u haven't realised...I am really, really, really grateful that I get to work with such a fab bunch of people...and that u all come of your own


This is a quick reminder of the timetable:

  • Monday: 7-8.30 - Intermediate Club (10s-13s)
  • Tuesday: 7-9 - (Creative Arts)
  • Wednesday: 6-7.30 - Junior Club (5s-9s) & 8pm - 9+ - (Duke of Edinburgh Award)
  • Thursday: 7.30-9.30 - Senior Club (14+s)
  • Friday: 11.30am-1.30 - (GG Complex Needs Group)
  • Saturday: 10am-12 -(East End Explorers)

If u wanna catch up with whats been going on in the summer follow the links.........


At 2/9/06 11:04 pm, Blogger josh24nov06 said...

i hope you enjoy your break in ireland and that you dont have to much trouble with ryan air(they can be dodgy) and hope that the following club year is very enjoyable for you and prosperous in any way possible that will benefit you and the workers and attenders at club and if you still wish to borrow angels and demons im sure i could drop it off to you at a time conviniant for the both of us

yours sinserly joshua

At 3/9/06 1:07 am, Blogger Roz said...

how very formal...

thanking u most sincerely

yours truly


At 3/9/06 2:41 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

thank you too roz. hope the year to come will be just as good. and once again.. have a a nice break in irland.

sorry i couldn't be as formal as josh

At 3/9/06 2:46 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

btw, those toilet roll coervers.. any chance of knitting me one?

At 3/9/06 7:46 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

Theres one person you forgot to mention on that post!


I think everyone would love to join me in saying you are briliant!

3 cheers for Roz!

Hip Hip Horray!!!!!!!!!!
Hip Hip Horray!!!!!!!!!!
Hip Hip Horray!!!!!!!!!!

The Number 1 Youth Worker in the world! Joint with Emma!

Always making the world a better place!

Yours infromaly,

Thomas- the free ranged chicken!


At 3/9/06 7:55 pm, Blogger Wendy said...

I've always wanted one of those toilet roll covers like my Grandma had where the cover is the skirt of a lady in a victorian dress, knitted of course. If you could oblige, Rosaleen, I would be grateful. By the way, thanks for the CD of "Ghosts of Cable Street". I will bring it to youth club and play it to you all. I know how you all love my taste in music! "Ghosts of Cable Street" was never played on radio 2, I promise you.


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