Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Summer Club 2006 Part 6 - The End

Summer Club finished on a high...with a live broadcast of two radio shows by two groups of the young people...


John: Devised interview
Ainsley & Craig: Wrote script for presenters
Thomas & Craig: Presented show
Ricky: Planned news item & read news
Sarah: Interviewer
Josh: Planned/produced on paper
All: Devised jingles & Vox Pops


Keeley & Kelly: devised presenter script & presented show
Thomas: wrote & read the news
Sarah: Produced on paper & live show
All: devised jingles & Vox Pops

Both shows went out live and were recorded for posterity and for the people who couldn't be bothered to tune in (maybe we should have told people but then if it turned out to be rubbish there would be embarrassment instead of the jubilation which was felt...).

The shows had music, interviews, vox pops, jingles and news and views...all planned and delivered by the young people...There were jokes, bizarre references to Tracey Capman's gender, texts and emails from listeners and offers of marriage...

Bothe the one hour shows can be heard soon in the archive section of

Hilight of the day was when Ricky and Craig were listening to Thomas reading the news on the radio show and then enter the room they are in. Ricky looks at Thomas, then looks at the computer where Thomas is still speaking 'live' from the radio studio and looks back to Thomas who is listening to himself...Ricky hadn't been told about the the 30 second lag time which allows for this phenomena...when he is told Ricky is relieved...the world makes sense again.

Thanks to the guys at On the One for some great workshops and a great experience we hope to repeat.

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La le la, la le la...la la la la...bippity boppity...i have a teapot on my head...and sunflowers in my ears...and a happy smile on my face...stop now turn back...don't do it...lemon drizzle cake...mmmm...love hearts...i'm living on the edge of a marshmallow lake...fishing for some sugar fish...in particular a hammerhead shark made of jelly...and jelly fish made of jaffa cakes...and a giant peach in the sky like the sun while we row across the lake singing songs that we don't know and blue men wave while we rock the boat...and climb down the side of the pasta bake boat to swim in the lake...while it rained smoothies and custard and we arrived on paradise island which was a giant table tennis table and bowled using table tennis balls which knocked over the cups which hid the pom poms, is it here? no. Here? no. and under the shade of a rope and spaghetti bolognese tree we found the icecream slope taking us underground and around to start all over again...la le la....

If u have bothered reading down this far...I'm sorry I'm all blogged out...I feel something like a chicken with sticky feathers in icecream...u no the feeling...

BOK!... BOK! BOK! - BOK! BOK!...BAAAAAHHHHHK! ....said the chicken to the tiramisu.

If u have read this far u have almost completed the test...to finish enter in a comment the word the chicken said when she saw the banana split covered in vermicelli (sprinkles as we would call them or 100s & 1000s)



At 2/9/06 5:16 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

Enjoy Ireland!

See you soon!!!!!!!!

At 2/9/06 6:08 pm, Blogger the king josh said...

sorry i couldnt be there but i did ave a good time in spain thought but i did rely want 2 be there and at the campin but dont worry about me i add a good enought time there

At 3/9/06 2:24 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

I’m slightly confused by the green writing at the end of this post lol. But anyway, a great post. I’m not to sure about one off those photos lol, but I will let u off as it doesn’t enlarge when you click on it.

Have a good time in Ireland…. you deserve it after a never ending summer club!

At 3/9/06 8:48 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

lol roz u really are as mad as i thought you were. And i haven't got a clue about the chicken even tho i read the post twice to try and get it. then i gave up. lol. have a great break.


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