Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer Club 2006 Part 1

Its only day 3 of summer club and it seems....more. Juniors (aged 5-9) in the mornings have Poplar Pirates and seniors (aged 10+) in the afternoons and evenings have Urban Escape 2006

So far Emma, with her trusty shipmates Josh, Craig, Thomas, Sarah and Keeley and the below deck crew Rhonda, Wendy and Daisy have taken the Poplar Pirates on a fabulous adventure to Egypt, the Rainforest and Australia, with games, activities and creativity along the way.

See Emma's blog for details, hi-lights and the rest of the adventure and great ideas for activities for 5-9 year olds - link to follow.

Urban Escape hi-lights so far:

The Smoothie Bar run by Craig & Ainslie producers of the infamous Johnski and Webski

Original Designer Mugs by Bukhila, Bethan, Rebecca, John, Ainslie, Kelly, Rejoice, Runtendo and Loriamah.

Round the Table - table tennis (becoming an obsession of all) developing the Kevin 'change' and the Craig 'twist' - sure to become an olympic sport for 2012.

Bethan starting the new fad - Lucky Sox...socks painted with a shamrock on them and the word Lucky in out Sock Shop

A magic taster from Kevin which rivalled anything Thomas had seen or ever hard he tried. Magic school to start next week...Harry Potter need not apply.

Bugs and Butterflies by many and a Hammer-head Shark papier-mache skeleton by Keeley, Ricky & Josh to be finished & added to wall/sky or the net hanging from the cabin on Paradise Island - unless wanted on loan by the Tate Modern.

Drama workshop run by Keeley with some great improvisations, a pilot workshop for future ones in autumn and leading to some possible performances - which will obviously take the West End by storm.

Diane had Thomas and Craig and then Ainslie, Josh and John in the kitchen throughout the cooking of enough pasta bake, BBQ and Southern Fried Chicken and fruit custard tart to feet 18...although the multitudes could have been fed had we not had second and third helpings.

An impromptu outdoor comedy club evening enjoyed by Canary Wharf and the only four cockneys in a crowd of picnic rugs - Thomas, Keeley, Josh & Craig...on a picnic rug.

Josh (disappointed that he did not get a frozen chicken for his birthday) received with grace his Superman shield poster, Tangfastic Haribo and clothes line pegs...and cheesey tag-line explanation - they were chosen as presents because he is Super, Tangfastic and a Peg above the rest.

First radio production session with Cameron and Rob, in which John, Craig, Ainslie and Ricky's radio show One Time Boogie began life and Thomas, Keeley, Kelly, Sarah and Bukhili developed Explosion: The Real Music Hour...sure to be rivals to leading radio shows on leading radio stations like Radio 2 (Wendy listen out)

We Will Rock You at the Dominion only outperformed by 16 people from the Paradise Zone (who had just been to see it), 7 Spanish people, some Chinese people and other sundry tourists on a Number 15 bus singing a varied repetoire of The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round, We Will Rock You, Reach for the Stars, We are the Champions, Happy Birthday to Josh, Summer Holiday and many more.

Here's Urban Escape 2005

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At 27/7/06 9:39 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

Emma's Blog?

At 27/7/06 10:35 pm, Blogger Wendy said...

I am going to start signing myself as "Persecuted of Poplar" after Thomas' little joke (ha, ha - not!)and now a jibe at Radio 2. Just think how much persecution I could be open to if I admitted to listening every evening to "The Archers" on Radio 4, which of course I don't, ahem. By the end of Holiday Club, I guarantee you'll all be calling in to the POPMEISTER quiz on the Ken Bruce show!! "We Will Rock You" was just the first step towards eighties-music heaven. Having a great time at Holiday Club. see you all in the morning!

At 28/7/06 9:48 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

One day we could do the quiz together Wendy. Lets hope all the questions are on Keane, Colplay and Scissor Sisters. We would do well! :0)

At 30/7/06 3:15 am, Blogger Roz said...

Wendy, I live with a Radio 2 junkie...or maybe its Radio I know how you people need your fix...its nothing to be ashamed of. You should know though, that there is help out there.

At 30/7/06 2:25 pm, Anonymous sarah said...

i've really enyoyed myself at club this week, i'm really happy to be getting more involved... i've realised what i have been missing out on for all this time!

At 30/7/06 6:40 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

roz you said check out emma's blog but havent left a link so how are we meant to check emma's blog out.

At 31/7/06 8:49 pm, Blogger zor said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 16/8/06 2:31 am, Blogger Roz said...

this is all a ploy to get Emma to start one...if everyone keeps asking her perhaps she will...tee hee hee...(failed attempt at evil laugh)


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