Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dumbledore & The Wobbly Leg

So Tom is about to sit down outside a cafe. The free chair has a wobbly leg. He turns to sit opposite the other person at the occupied table to find it is Dumbledore. People come up and ask for Dumbledore's autograph. Tom tells Dubledore that he hadn't picked the chair just to stare at him - it was just that the other chair had a wobbly leg.

Note: Dumbledore = Michael Gambon


At 18/7/06 10:45 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

And what did he say to tom when he told him that

At 18/7/06 11:51 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

wow i met my aunt susan before

At 19/7/06 11:25 am, Blogger Roz said...

I met a moth before which was drawn to me because i am like a flamebow...the sunset rainbow and my wizard name is Uinen , Flame of Ud√Ľn.


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