Monday, July 17, 2006

My Inner Kid

Keeley ran a reflection session before junior club on Wednesday where we had to act like kids (different personalities according to shopping bags we might have). I loved it. I really have an inner kid that wants to get out. I'm not really suited to being a grown up I have realised.

It has been interesting seeing people from club grow up. This week has been a time when we have reflected on the passing of time in this respect especially with regard to people leaving and looking back on their time with us. We have been measuring the passing of time in terms of 'do you remember him at junior club'...'they started when we did'...and other such parameters.

I thought of how my own daughter has grown up knowing many of these people and how knowing people changes all the time anyway...we never know the same people in the same way...they and we are changing all the time. We see it more easily in children and young people but none of us are the same people we met years ago.

At times of big changes I have felt anxious but the biggest changes I hardly noticed because they have happened slowly over time.

I found this poem I wrote when Jane was nearly six...she is eighteen now...where did the time go?


I don't want a bath, I want a shower.
I don't want a shower, I want a bath.
I don't need to wash I'm a flower.
Let's play a game instead and have a laugh.

Your pulling my hair out by the roots.
My teeth will fall out if I brush them any more.
I don't like my welly boots.
Going shopping is such a bore.

My nails are fine as they are.
What's wrong with what I'm wearing?
I hope we don't have to walk far.
Here, let's do something daring.

I don't want to wear a hat.
My socks should be this way.
Come here little pussy cat.
I've been really bored all day.

I want to splash in the puddle.
Can't I have a sweet?
I'm always in a muddle.
I don't want to stay on this seat.

There's something scary under my bed.
I've got a tummy upset.
I don't like the colour red.
I think my pants are wet.

Can I stay up late?
Do I have to eat my greens?
I'm so excited I can't wait.
I don't know what this means.

Just one more game.
I'm really sleepy.
I always get the blame.
Ugh, that's creepy.

Lift me up I can't see.
I need to go to the loo.
I don't know what I want to be.
Can I play with this goo?

I won't scribble on the walls again.
Bet I can stand on my head.
When is it, when is it , when?
No I don't want to go to bed.

I don't want to play on my own.
I can't sleep.
I want to go home.
Can I have just one peep?

No I can't sit still.
You know that nice vase, well..
How long is it til...?
I was running and fell.

What did you say?
I want my favourite cup.
Can I go out to play?
Is it time to get up?

What? Why? How? Who? Where? When?

I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I'm tired. I'm sad
I'm scared. I'm confused. I'm not all that bad.
I love you and I'm sorry for all that I did.
But I' can't help it, Cos I'm only a kid.


At 6/10/06 2:36 pm, Anonymous Ginny said...

Reading your poem Roz, I have to say you were a great kid, and you have maintained a great sense of fun in your life and its always a pleasure to meet up when your home, we always have such a laugh.

Your old aunty.

At 8/10/06 8:00 pm, Blogger Roz said...

Yeah there's nothing old about u...Ginny! Lookin forward to going clubbin with u again! lol


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