Sunday, July 23, 2006

Probably Misspelled

I just realised that I probably misspell 'probably' most of the 'probabley' and I don't know why.

This has prompted me to post something on misspellings.

I love the way we all have tricks for remembering how to spell words. I remember when I learned the word 'together' - it was a revelation that it was made up of three words I knew I like the trick of the 'lie' in 'believe' and rhymes like 'i before e except after c'. I was able to tell 'their' and 'there' apart only because I thought that 'here' was part of 'there'. I used to have terrible problems with 'necessary' and anything beginning with 'dis' and could only remember that Wednesday had a silent 'd' by pronouncing it in my head. I haven't got a way yet for distinguishing between 'stationary' and 'stationery' .

As for 'probably' , it isn't even in any of the's probably not a common misspelling...just mine.


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