Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ernie Lynch

...Ernie Lynch you know are you and him related??

I give my contact details to the course co-ordinator. One of the other volunteers notices my surname.

So are you related to Ernie Lynch?
I haven't got a clue what he's on about and my face expresses this. Who?
Ernie Lynch, you know, are you and him related?
Who is Ernie Lynch?
He's really famous, most know him as Che Er...
I finish..Ernesto Guevara Lynch. I laugh as I take the book The Motorcycle Diaries out of my bag.

Now if he had said Ernesto I would have gotten it immediately. But really I laughed at the coincidence whereby within a week of me reading the opening pages of The Motorcycle Diaries and announcing my new found link with Che Guevara (being both Lynchs) to all and sundry at work, this stranger asks me for the very first time in my life (thats the first time in 38 years) if I am related to Ernie Lynch otherwise known as Che Ernesto Guevara Lynch - Che Guevara.

Not only that - my book was the only one of Che Guevara's books he hadn't read - I'm gonna loan it to him when I am finished.


At 23/7/06 5:29 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

i like the writing at the side
join the cult Roz.....its the only way........the only way.........the only wayyyyyyy!

At 23/7/06 5:31 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

thats weird becuase you were saying the other day you were related to him and then some one asked if you was emmm.... may be you are.You should find out more.. lol

At 23/7/06 8:35 pm, Blogger nick said...

hi roz, perhaps once you've taken a group to africa you should take a group from club and re-trace your great-long-lost uncle ernie's epic motorcycle journey?!

of course if he were to do the same thing today, the film would be called 'The Motorcyle Blogs' or is a blog and a diary the same thing?!

At 24/7/06 12:13 am, Blogger Roz said...

lol...u no Nick ...great idea...may have to use more than one motorcycle tho...we could even cycle considering Keeley, Craig and Thomas' recent cycling escapades.


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