Sunday, August 06, 2006

Summer Club 2006 Part 3

The end of the second week of Summer Club continued with Poplar Pirates (5-9s) in the mornings and Urban Escape (10+) in the afternoons and some evenings (Week 1 & start of Week 2: Part 1 & Part 2).

Juniors finished summer club with a visit by Poplar Pirates to Hawaii...which, it was discovered does not feature in many modern maps for some reason (a piece of island shaped blu-tac rectified this matter). The Poplar Pirates limbo-ed, made Hama bead designs and made fruit kebabs to take home. All loved the two weeks - the only thing they didn't enjoy was walking on trips (the modern automobile's fault, in my opinion)

The end of the second week of Urban Escape included another climbing session, Blue Man Group and a trip to the Snowdome in Tamworth...

Bokhila proved the old proverb that you shouldn't judge anything by just doing it once...(there isn't such a proverb or if there is I can't remember what it is and if not there should be) Bokhila hated climbing on the first session at Mile End Climbing Wall and hardly got off the ground, however on the second session despite the fact that she had planned not to join in, despite the fact that she had decided that she hated climbing and despite the fact that she had jeans that weren't suitable for climbing, she had a go and found that not only was it not as bad as the previous session but she got to the top of a couple of high routes and even enjoyed herself.

On our way to Blue Man Group we stopped off at Covent Garden for some of the free entertainment that the area is famous for - and we weren't disappointed. We were treated to a comedy act, featuring a 10 foot ladder, a unicycle, 6 juggling bats and a rubber glove.

Blue Man Group was a huge hit...even with Keeley who saw it for the third time...we won't give away the surprises but the pictures might tell some of the secrets. It was a show the whole family would enjoy...although if you sit at the front you will need a rain coat. The Blue Men signed autographs true Blue Man style - with blue paint finger prints.

At the Snowdome we tobogganed and skiied...on real snow! Rejoice won the 'Most Spectacular Fall' award, with Ainslie coming a close second. Loriamah won the Unintentionally Backward Skiing Award while Craig won the Toboganning & Skiing with One Lense in My Glasses Award and Sarah, the Toboganning Crash End Prize as well as the Skiing Upright & in the Right Direction in a Blizzard Award. Special Life-time Achievement Awards in Skiing go to Craig and Keeley who brought two new skiing manoeuvers to the ski slopes, the 'Frozen Chicken Slide' and the 'The Funky Chicken Groove', respectively.

And of course Gordon gets the 'We Couldn't Have Done it Without Him Award' for stepping in at the last minute to drive us to the Snowdome and to share with us hsi expertise in skiing (even when he found it difficult to do so having to constantly stop his borrowed salopettes from falling down).

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At 8/8/06 7:56 pm, Anonymous sarah said...

i think we will all agree that i won the best award! i deserved it after crashing into the wall 3 times in a row (bearing in mind i only went down the slope 3 times lol).

course gordens award is a close second.. thanks gorden for coming and saving the day! was great having you there.

thank you to roz also for a fantastic summer club and bringing so many opportunitiues my way..

... course you dont get rid of me that easily, still rowing and other stuff!

At 15/8/06 7:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the snow dome was the best it was well cool it was well hot out side but freezing inside i couldnt beleive how cold it was.

the best thing about the day was toboganning i didnt enjoy the skiing but next time we might be able 2 go higher up the slope

we did ave a good snow ball fight 2 lol

from josh

At 16/8/06 2:22 am, Blogger Roz said...

Josh I can give u other photos of the one of you and the Blue Man print on your head...

At 3/2/07 11:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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