Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My First Blog From Ireland

Its Wednesday and my mum just caught me sneaking into an internet I will have to add to this later...

For now mum and I have something for u....

More on Ireland to follow...


At 9/9/06 11:50 am, Blogger Thomas said...


Right now im dieing for a cup of mate (as Che would say)

Your mum looks great in that picture, how many decades ago did you take that because she only looks about 35. I don't know where the i got the whale thing from. More like Angel!!!!!!!
(is the sweet talk working)

I hope she reads this lol!

I will officialy apologise on my blog!

At 10/9/06 12:30 am, Blogger josh24nov06 said...

thomas mate is nothing like tea i mean look ok then u cant look coz i couldnt paste the picture but i will post a picture of a proper cuppa mate on my blog lol


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