Friday, October 06, 2006

To Change the Date on your Blog

To change the date on a draft blog to make it current or to back date a new blog just click on the link circled in red.

This gives you the option to change the date and time so that I could if I wished change the time to some more reasonable time than past 2am to give the impression that I have a sensible 8 hours sleep.

It only took me months to find out how to do this, after trawling through help-sites and blog advice-sites where the answer to my problem never seemed to be discussed - probably because it was so glaringly obvious in hindsight...but I hadn't realised it was a link - I thought it was just a title referring to the options to the right of it.

And how did this wondrous epiphany occur? I sat staring at the screen, having decided that if it was not a problem discussed else where on the internet that it must not in fact be a problem and that meant the answer was staring me in the face...I just had to recognise it. I finally did and want to share it with the world...or at least those like me who just sometimes make life more complicated than it needs to be.

I hope you enjoy your new found change history.


At 6/10/06 2:12 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

you really have made the word a better place with this blog! thanks for educating us all, and help us make out mark on the history of blogs. i will never see blogs in the same light again.

At 11/10/06 11:40 am, Blogger Keeley said...

lol on the post


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