Sunday, October 22, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 4

This week was:
  • Black History Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • History Matters Day 17th
  • The Big Draw
  • Make Poverty History Day 17th
  • Fairtrade Month
  • Kick it out of Sport
  • Apple Day 21st

And this week we...

  • had a reflection session run by Thomas in the form of a game of Black History workers pictures to put together to form a well known phrase, person or event in Black History & and evaluation session asking people how they 'Made History' that night...whether in terms of relationship building or learning
  • had a drumming session where Callum & Keith showed their talents and were impressed by the electronic drum sets ability to produce incongrous sounds...instead of biff-boom-bam...they had shriek-howl-woof...
  • had Pool, Table Tennis & Cathedral winner this week....Jim the King of Cathedral beating Laura the Queen of Cathedral...
  • made Christine a Birthday card (designed by Georgie) and signed by all Monday Club
  • saw the new Fairtrade juices going well...& tasting 'fruity' & 'guilt-free'.
  • made rice crispy cakes - cos Conor & Danny fancied making them...and remembered making them when they were little (not the ripe old age of 11)
  • made choco-apples on sticks in honour of Apple Day...with a secret recipe - white chocolate
  • finally got the fish and shark painted...Emma valiantly stayed the all they need are the fine detail and to be attached to the net with shells etc and be placed on hanging over the hatch in the mural...perhaps in time for a Hawaiin Christmas Holiday?
  • dressed like Umpa Lumpas in Trafalgar Square & protested outside Downing St with a Make Poverty History sign called Geoffrey and Fairtrade Banana called Timmy.
  • sang Christmas Carols with Jon, Vicky, Katie & Georgie...Yes I do know it's October...but if u want to make a Christmas CD...starting at Christmas is going to be too late to start learning the words...Jingle what?
  • made entries into the History Matters One Day in History recording what we did on the 17th of October 2006 as a kind of blog-time-capsule, a snapshot of the nation on that day to look back on in the entry....u can still record what u did that day if u wanna be part of it...u no u do...go on be part of history.
  • heard Jermaine suggest having a Talent Show - and when is told 'ok - if he puts it together' ... after recovering from the shock of having his 'brilliant' idea validated watch as he sets about this endeavour.
  • began the 'Magician's Hat' & rainbow & wishes which included the following:

a sweet machine that good people could fly and bad people couldn't an ice-cream world a chocolate house & chocolate fence a sister to live in Wickford a cat World Peace to be a fairy to be happy Love a lift that could take u anywhere in the world lots of friends No Wars Nan to be well a Fairtrade, sugar-free, everlasting lolipop to live forever chocolate snot...

...what would you wish for?


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