Sunday, November 12, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 6

This week was:
  • Road Safety Week
  • Family Learning Week
  • Remembrance Day

And this week we...

  • made badges, keyrings & magnets of young people's designs and Red Poppies.
  • made plans for next week's Bridging the Lea procession of our young people's Prayer & Hope Flags - Bridging The Lea on Tuesday 14th November 06.....A visual spectacular of virtual bridges created by local people and world-renowned artists. Come and see the Lea as you have never seen it before! Three Mills, E3 Tues 14th Nov 7pm...hoping the trapeze artists will not end up in the river...or if they do that they will be entertaining and won't injure them selves
  • in the process!
  • used the dance mats - ages 5 to 50 exercised, improved their co-ordination, had fun and neither paramedics or oxygen masks were necessary.
  • created White Poppies from white tissue paper to celebrate peace
  • learned Silent Night on the guitar with a piece planned to be played at Kevin's 40th Birthday we may know it by February.
  • imagined we were evacuated like children had been in World War II and wrote and drew what we would have taken with us in a suitcase...there was everything from a Bibles to pets!
  • saw the Puzzle of the Week finally solved by Rory...after a record 4 weeks of all clubs attempting to find the answer...but with a combination of at least a dozen young people and workers of Monday Club using questions, discussion, the internet, guessing and sheer endurance...we now know when we can add Two to Eleven to get One!
  • remembered the 'Children of Poplar' - 16 school children killed in 1917 named on the above memorial in our local Poplar Park (as we made mini paper lanterns as the youngest survivor had been when the bomb landed) and thought of other children in wars in the world in the present day.
  • had Road Safety puzzles, quizes, posters & badges
  • got the 'Blob Tree' out for evaluation.
  • drew neon & glitter pen fireworks on black card & Fern carried out a survey which found that more people liked her firework display than the example version!
  • got the line up for the Christmas CD - recording starts next week!

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