Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why 3 Little Pigs?

H So why were there 3 Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf? Why were sheep left out in the cold? They were well aquainted with the Wolf...he's even been in sheep's clothing. So what was it about pigs that got them the gig?

H It has been suggested that sheep are not seen as the smartest of animals and they would not be very good at drawing up plans for houses whether they were made of straw, wood or bricks. It has also been suggested that the pigs are smarter because they manage to do very little, smell disgusting and live in what can only be described as a 'pig-sty' and yet they are supposedly some of the cleanest of creatures.

H Have sheep had bad press? Has there been pig-propaganda? We all saw what happened on Animal Farm. Why did the pigs end up running things and speaking? And when the pigs say 'Not by the hair on my chiny-chin-chin, what do they mean - surely that would have been a better line for a sheep or goat and since when did the Big Bad Wolf develop his interest in pigs? And why, if he could speak, knock on the door etc. couldn't he have set the straw house alight and had instant barbequed pork?

I think there is a cover-up and it goes deep.

HHH Some interesting views:

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At 9/11/06 1:03 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

your post get stranger and stranger interesting read though

At 10/11/06 2:37 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

i simply just do not know how to comment this time round lol


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