Friday, November 03, 2006

I Count

Email I got Thursday...

Dear Roz,

We're counting down the hours to our big I Count event in Trafalgar Square, 1-3pm on Saturday 4th November. It really does look like we could be making a bigger bang than Bonfire night. And it's not too late for you to join us.

Breaking news: Razorlight will be appearing on the day! We’re releasing this information to the media tomorrow, so please keep this to yourself today, Thursday 2nd November.

The rest of the line up for the day looks like this:

KT Tunstall
Rob Newman
Miranda Richardson
Simon Amstell
Rufus Hound
Ashok Sinha, Director – Stop Climate Chaos
Rt. Rev. James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool
Adam Hart Davis and Sharon Looremeta
Dr Hany El Banna, President – Islamic relief

So bring your friends and family with you. Being irresistible has never been easier.

And if you can't come, we’ll be counting in everyone who’s signed up via the website to say 'I Count'.

We hope to see you there,Lucy & the I Count Team

“We Count because ... the power of many is greater than one. If we all act together, people with real power – politicians – cannot ignore us.” Razorlight

Well I'm going...are u?

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At 4/11/06 12:46 am, Blogger Sarah said...

you new something before the media did! thats so cool!

and the answer to your question...i'm going!


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