Saturday, November 04, 2006

Climate Chaos

November 4th saw 20,000 people march from the US Embassy to Trafalgar Square. On the way people gave out acorns to plant, fortune cookies with climate change messages, badges, balloons & T-shirts. People played music, sang, chanted, waved, held placards, pulled large globes or animals...or in the duller moments noticed London's fine architecture which can be best seen sometimes from the middle of main roads which is best avoided unless on a march such as this...

I counted today, so did Sarah, Victoria, Thomas, Razorlight, KT Tunstall, Miranda Richarson and a few TV personalities, politicians and dignitories, 30,000 sundry people, a jazz band, two people dressed up as a cat and dog and a man with a beard and bobble hat.

If u wanna count...check out i-count

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At 5/11/06 1:30 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

love the collage roz!

At 5/11/06 1:53 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

Am very jelous!


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